Friday, January 26, 2007


This week, I was finally feeling better and started going to the gym again, and went to my yoga class on Tuesday evening. I took it easy, but I felt much better after it.

The class is taught by Patricia Murphy in Airfield. I've been going to her classes for years, and I only ever miss a class if I'm really sick. She is a great teacher - she always seems to be able to bring a new angle to each class to keep us motivated and interested. No esoteric or mystic talks - but a good overall yoga practise. She's into other aspects of health and fitness, and she is always sharing her other experiences with the class - she's got big into running in the last couple of years, and she often has great stories to tell us.
It's not just a physical practise, though: she introduces all elements of yoga, including relaxation, meditation and chakras, but she doesn't push anything that she feels would alienate those in the class who only want a good stretch. She is full of energy and really down to earth, and I always feel good after the class.

Have a look at her blog if you want to find out more.

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