Saturday, December 16, 2006


After my blog yesterday, I did go and look for pictures. I've found plenty of old pictures, so be warned!! I promise I won't post any pictures of anybody in compromising situations! But be prepared for a stark reminder of our dreadful dress sense! The eighties wasn't a tasteful decade!

This picture here was taken in the Mourne mountains. Ann was into hill walking and we went along with a few of her friends. Máire and myself were not into keeping fit at the time and we gave up half way up and went shopping instead!

From left to right: me (with back turned to the camera), Ann, Máire, Christine and Kay. I think this is a lovely picture of the girls. I'm the only one still living in Dublin, and we haven't kept in touch that much. We all live busy lives!

And now, to start the "dreadful dress sense" series, here is one of me at the Trinity Ball in 1987! I really thought that outfit was the bee's knees (is that how it's spelt? I must check what that expression actually means!). And you can't even see that the satin blue dress has a bow on the side of the hip! And did you notice the lacey navy tights!? Not the best for someone who has fat calves like me!! And let's not mention the "overcoat" - it was actually a button-through dress.

I had been dancing the night away and I needed to rest my feet! I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the Trinity Ball, as I had no romantic interest in my date for the ball, Anthony. We just had a great time going from concert to concert and dancing.

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