Saturday, May 05, 2018


We were sketching near Powerscourt Townhouse a few weeks ago. I was in town early, and the sun was shining, so I sat across the way at the terrace of Grogan's pub and sketched for a bit. I found the Powerscourt building itself a bit intimidating, so I sketched a window on its own, as I wanted to practise how to get the proportions right and how to give them depth. Once I was finished the window, I looked at the skyline and the chimneys, and decided to tackle them.
When I got home, I added a stamp and a quote from Ulysses, and a simple frame around the page, and I called it done!

By the way, Grogan's is a really authentic pub - no fancy furniture, fake antiques, or TVs blaring. Just a simple pub, with nice service. It's a shame really that Dublin pubs have all gone mega and fake, trying to recreate the idea of an Irish pub, but really looking more like a tourist attraction than a nice place to meet friends and chat over a pint. I wouldn't mind sketching in there some day.

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