Thursday, May 10, 2018

Glasnevin cemetery

I am in catch-up mode at the moment. I was busy last week and didn't get to post as regularly as I normally do.
So this one is from the last Sunday in April, on a Dublin Sketchers outing, and I just realise I forgot to take a photo with the quote from Ulysses added. In case you're wondering, I wrote it on the left side of the page, as I didn't feel like making this into another big double-spread.

"The clay fell softer. Begin to be forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind."

If you've never been, Glasnevin Cemetery is a wonderful place to visit. I had never been there, in my 32 years living in Dublin. But on a quiet sunny Sunday afternoon, it is the most peaceful location you can imagine. Yes, it's a working graveyard.  It's also a major tourist attraction, as many of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising are buried there, along with O'Connell and Parnell, and James Joyce's father. I didn't look any of these up, I have to admit. I was just happy to stroll amongst the gravestones and the trees, enjoying the stillness, and contemplating the vastness of it, a city within a city. It is said that there are as many Dubliners buried there as there are alive in the city today!

Another good reason to visit is that it's next door to the Botanic Gardens, which you can reach directly from the cemetery. And there is a good local pub just outside, known as the Gravediggers Pub (Note: if you want a green tea, go to the lounge, not the bar!!)

Here are a few photos I took. Don't be fooled by the glorious sunshine. It was so cold I only managed the one sketch!

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