Thursday, November 02, 2017


It was noisy, it was cold, it was busy with lots and lots of children, but what fun!

Last Sunday, we (Dublin Sketchers) sketched at Stokerland, in St Patrick's Park. 

Lots of noise (I said that already - but imagine the bells of the cathedral ringing non-stop + music from a kiddie disco + strange sounds coming out of a machine + children running an screaming). 

Lots of adults and children in great costumes (have you ever seen a two-year old with a Dracula cape? - the cutest thing ever!). 

Lots of attractions - a man on stilts, old-style swings, face painting, a helterskelter - (I didn't know what it was until last Sunday, except for the Beatles song), and, my favourite, Morbid & Sons singing about the grave (and dying) business of undertaking!

It was hard to find a spot to capture it all, but once I was happy with the view, I set to work with abandon. I was also available for chats with children and grown-ups who dropped by to have a look at what I was doing!

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