Friday, November 10, 2017

Abstract landscape - watercolour

One of my goals for this year is to move towards a more abstract approach to my watercolours. Quite a struggle right now if you want my opinion. But it's my goal, so I can't moan!

I want to use a palette knife more to move the paint around. But I'm discovering that this is something that's even more sensitive to paper quality and thickness of the mix than painting with a brush.

So here I used a palette knife to apply the paint, and then I sprayed water over the top and moved the paper up and down to make the pigments move. I chose Daniel Smith granular pigments for this. The Lavender worked particularly well for the hazy effect. My darks are a touch too dark I think (mostly Bloodstone Genuine, some Perylene Maroon). But still, a good start.

Similar technique here, but I went too heavy on the darks I think. And didn't leave enough of the white paper to counterbalance. I might spray all over to reactivate the paint and see what happens!

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