Friday, April 07, 2017


Idomeneo was my last opera for the Met HD season. There are a couple more, but I wasn't interested in them. I like Mozart operas, and I had never heard of this one. As it turns out, Idomeneo was the first opera Mozart ever wrote. He was something like 24! So it might not be his best, but it certainly showed the promise of what was to come.

I loved Elza van den Heever's Elettra - pure rage, pure madness!

The whole cast was fantastic in terms of their singing and performance. The only one I felt was miscast was Alice Coote as Idamante - she didn't work for me as a young prince - I think her body might be too womanly to play a young man. And the costume she had to wear didn't help. Well, the production was old, with a very static set and cumbersome costumes overall, but the music was fantastic. I love Mozart!

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