Thursday, April 06, 2017

Fake Journal

I won't be posting as much here for the month of April, as I am in the middle of Fake Journal madness - so if you want to find out what's going on in Odile's world, click here! Her violent and rebellious streak hasn't emerged yet. She's only 20 after all, living the life of a typical South Dublin girl. Except she's not typical. For one, she's half Belgian. Her mother, who is driving poor Odile mad, might make the odd appearance! The big question is whether or not she'll get to meet her older self. And even if she does, will she recognise herself in that old lady? Will she even be puzzled by the fact that the said old lady has a cat and a dog that look just like her own?

If you want to see the story unfolding, you'll have to go to my Fake Journal page!

Some of the pages are quite colourful. And you can even learn a few Japanese words!

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