Thursday, April 06, 2017

Baggot Street Bridge

The sun was shining, so I took an hour to sketch outdoors. What amazed me was how many options I discovered once I started with thumbnails. I could have sketched another 10 of those and still not captured all the scenes in front of my eyes!

I will definitely revisit some of these and try to develop them into more substantial watercolours maybe, if I ever get the time. I really like the little bridge in the middle, and also the mews with the reeds in front of it.

In the end, the focus I chose was not any of the thumbnails I had drawn. Actually, it started as a thumbnail, and grew from there, and then I decided to add watercolour. So, I was anticipating Lesson 11, Working from a Focus, but I didn't know it! The bridge is wonky, but the sketch captures the lovely day - we were both working in the Baggot Street area, and we went for a bite to eat in a place called Angelina's afterwards - it was just across from where I was sketching, and it looked inviting - I had a delicious California salad - chicken, bacon, lettuce, kale, sunflower seeds, blueberries, avocado, quinoa, apple - just my kind of thing!

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