Monday, January 16, 2017

On the sofa

He thinks I made him look like a Ross O'Carroll Kelly book cover! Maybe. Still, it's all part of my effort to fit more sketching into my life. So, rather than watch television, I picked up a big A3 sketchbook I've had for 12 years, and I drew the perfect subject, sitting right beside me, while he was absorbed somewhere on the web.

Maybe it's the new year. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's looking at a video from Sketchbook Skool . I'm trying to finish a course, Storytelling, that I started ages ago - some of the instructors didn't inspire me much, but rather than doggedly completing every module, I jumped to the module taught by Veronica Lawlor, and I felt a sense of renewed energy for drawing the human form. What she may have lacked in didactic skills, she more than made up in passion and enthusiasm. In art, it's not so much about teaching you how to draw the perfect hand, but more about encouraging you to try it again and again, until you succeed. In a video I watched, Danny Gregory compared it to young boys playing video games, where they "die" many times before they figure out how to get past a particular obstacle or get to the next level. The same thing applies to your art practice. If you "die" the first time and never pick up your pencil again, well, you'll never move beyond that point. A philosophy best summarised as "Just do it!" Which I'm embracing this year so far!

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