Friday, January 13, 2017

Bags - Minimal Setup

I had hit a block in Liz Steel's Foundations course at Lesson 5, Measured Setup. I guess I discovered what I knew already: I don't like measuring. I really don't get this pencil thing. And when I use it, the resulting drawing always looks wrong. Of course, that might just mean I need more practise. But life is too short to practise something I don't enjoy! So I was glad that Lesson 6 was all about finding the minimum amount of measuring that works for you! In my case, very little, it turns out.

And I also discovered something else I already knew about myself. I love bags!!

Quick gestural drawing with a light watercolour pencil, just to get a feel for the proportions.
Carefully drawing in ink. Ignore the pencil lines if they are wrong. They're just there as a foundation.
Add watercolour and shading.
Another method, which is the best for me: no pencil, straight to ink, starting with important edges, and working from edge to edge, carefully feeling your way around.
Add watercolour. Done!
I couldn't resist giving you a larger version of the same. The little clutch bag in front worked out well, I think. It was a complete impulse buy, that I will probably never use, as I have no matching dress. But it wasn't a waste, as it found its way into this drawing!

And a final method, which I didn't like as much: no ink, just watercolour pencils and watercolour.
And a larger version of the same. Just because it's one of my favourite bags!

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