Friday, September 25, 2015

Sketchbook Skool - Selfie

Inspired by Koosje Koene's class in Sketchbook Skool's Beginning course, I decided to try out a little selfie. 
My starting point was an actual selfie on my phone (which I personally think is quite nice). I drew with a pen, starting with the outline of my hair, then the general shape of my face (always a struggle, clearly). I then moved to the left eyebrow, the left eye, a bit of the nose, the other eye and eyebrow (and yes, I should have noticed my face was tilted), the rest of the nose, the lips and the mouth, then the neck and my shoulders.  Adding touches of watercolour is what brought it together. Is it a perfect drawing? No. Do I see myself in it? Definitely yes. And from that perspective, I call this little sketch a success!

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