Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sketchbook Skool - Drawing outside/in public

I'm not very brave when it comes to drawing in public. But Friday night was Culture Night, and I brought my sketchbook along, thinking I probably would not use it. But when we got a seat for a performance in the Irish Traditional Music Archive library, and there was nobody behind us, I thought "Hey, this is my chance".  We were sitting behind the performers - even better! Drawing the back of somebody's head is not too intimidating! And then I started a view of the doorway and room in front of me. It was going quite well... Until one of the organisers said that the next batch of Culture Night aficionados was queuing outside and we all had to go to make room for them. Still, I felt a great sense of achievement. 

So, have I overcome my fear of drawing outside/in public? Probably not. But it's a first step. After that, what I need is practise practise practise!

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