Monday, August 03, 2015

Sea - Western Australia

Painting inspired by the sea in Western Australia near Kalbarri - gesso on board, watercolour, pastel

I almost like the details better than the overall painting - inspiration for an abstract approach maybe?

The photos below are the same painting, before I applied pastel. Pastels are a great way to jazz up a boring watercolour. And to fix mistakes (in this case, the rocks I saw in the Kalbarri area of Western Australia - they were pale yellow, not dark brown). 

As you can see in the picture above, I haven't applied fixative to it yet. I'm in two minds about pastel fixative:
  1. It does what it says on the tin - it fixes the pastel powder - no more smudging, easy storage, durability
  2. It can make the pastel look a bit dull - I have found that it kills the beautiful looseness of pastel, its evanescence. Or maybe it's because the can of fixative I have is a bit old?
Any suggestions anyone?

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