Monday, August 03, 2015


Two interpretations of the same subject - a moisturiser by BYPHASSE, a low-cost, good-quality  brand for body, face and hair. I discovered it at Christmas when I found that a hamper full of products was costing the same as a tiny little bottle of Khiel's eye cream. Considering that the said eye cream has done nothing to remove the bags under my eyes, I am turning more and more towards better-value brands, such as Cien (Lidl) and Yves Rocher, for instance. Now, don't get me wrong - I will still drool over the Elemis, Dermalogica or Clarins counters, but, despite all the pseudo-science advertising, I can't believe that they are doing more for my skin than a cheaper brand. That said, I am at the age where lines are appearing everywhere - over the lip, around the mouth, ... - and if someone was to promise me a miracle cream, I would probably fall for it! Women, hey! Full of contradictions.

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