Saturday, March 21, 2015

Documented Life Project Weeks 10 and 11

Week 10 and Week 11 into one. I wasn't really inspired by these. Doodling is not something I'm very good at. I find that unless I plan a painting, it generally ends badly. I think it's the planning that gives me the confidence to let go and let myself be creative. But if I just doodle, whether it's doodle drawing or doodle painting, it doesn't matter, it ends up like mud

I was hoping to find more inspiration or tips in this year's DLP, but I have to say it feels like more of the same, without the fun. Oh but what to do? I had such fun with the 2014 DLP. Maybe I should go back to the journal format, rather than trying to be too arty? Or should I do the 2014 challenges all over again? I've looked around for another arty challenge but I haven't found anything that appealed to me (But I'm open to suggestions). The Bible art challenges are not for me! I did find a sketchbook challenge but I am so far behind - it started in 2011.  I came across it four years too late, so I think it will be hard to motivate myself to follow it!

Good things that came out of these two challenges:

  1. I carved a new little stamp with lines on it, a bit like a zebra pattern
  2. I found a lovely border sticker in Dealz (3x1m rolls for €1.49)
  3. I know for definite that I don't like doodling
  4. But I like stamps and prints and playing with colours
  5. I think I should plan my pages around a central feature, either a drawing/painting, or some text (a list maybe? I love ToDo lists. Or a Gratitude list. Or a list of things I'm reading, watching, listening, planning.). Because this organic format doesn't work for me.

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