Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Documented Life Project - Week 46

The challenge for Week 46 was to incorporate fabric. I don't have a sewing machine, so fabric projects are always difficult for me. I decided to glue a piece from a length of black fabric with a brown reverse I bought many many years ago in Hong Kong. What I was planning to do with the length, I have no idea. But I won't be missing the little rectangle I cut from it to glue to my journal page.

I glued it to a black and mauve page, but it really didn't look great. I added pieces of mauve and gold embossed paper from a Dealz set. But it still didn't work. It took many layers of Gelli printing to get to this. The breakthrough was when I used a scrap of wallpaper to create a wood texture on my Gelli plate, and I applied it all over. I like those white lines so much that I will be using them for other projects, I'd say!

Mauve, black and gold is not my favourite combination of colours, but sometimes it's good to push myself to explore these unloved hues!

I "collected" leftover paint from my Gelli plate onto wide sellotape and applied it to a notebook page. I will use this page to do my journalling

I printed the same pattern onto another page, and cut beautiful little circles from it. I've glued these to the left-hand page now.

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