Sunday, July 15, 2012

Urban Dictionary

I was looking up a word on Google, a word I hadn't heard before, a word that young people use it would seem (it sounded bad). And so I came across the Urban Dictionary. I think I will need to refer to the "Word of the Day" on a regular basis if I want to keep up with youth-speak!! Here are the words I learned today:

  • Texticle: "When you have your phone on vibrate in your pocket and you're wearing baggy trousers so when you get a text it tickles your nuts"
  • Bone ami: "A French fuck buddy"
  • Slowest common denominator: "The first person at the front of a single line of moving traffic."
  • Diabeating your kids: "When parents feed their young children, who do not know better or aren't given any healthy options, pure crap, resulting in juvenile onset diabetes."
  • Googlical proportions: "when a private matter becomes so well-known to the public, it can be looked up on the internet.
  • and of course...
  • Hoebag - it's such a horrible word I can't bear to tell you all what it means. You'll have to check it yourself!

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