Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kundalini Yoga at Danu Yoga Centre

I couldn't go to my usual Hatha Yoga class at the Danu Yoga Centre last Wednesday, so I went to Lisa's Kundalini class on Thursday instead.

Kundalini yoga is very different from what I'm used to - in the class I attended, there was a lot of sitting and breathing work, with a lot of repetitions of poses, some chanting and even a bit of singing at the end (I did my best!). It felt a lot more "spiritual" than hatha yoga, but also very physical - my arms were feeling the pain the following day!

Lisa is a wonderful teacher. You can take her classes at the level you want, physical or spiritual, she doesn't impose her beliefs on her students - she explains the poses carefully, describing all the benefits as we go. She knows her stuff, no doubt about it. She's always challenging us with new asanas or variations on poses we think we knew. You will not get bored with endless sun salutations at her classes, I guarantee you that! And she has a great sense of humour, often interjecting a comment to lighten the mood when we are in the middle of a complex twist or balance pose.

Last but not least, her purpose-built studio is always cosy and warm, even in the middle of winter.

I love going to her classes. Even on evenings when I feel like curling up on the sofa instead of getting into the car to go to Ballinteer, I always come back refreshed, energised and happy.

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