Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Intense and Peaceful

I've been churning them out this weekend, not all very successful, though, so I'll spare you. This one I'm quite happy with. What do you think?

When we were in Brussels a few weeks ago, I saw a painting I liked in the Modern Art museum - it was a painting by a German artist, I think. It had some black marks, with blue squares painted over. The paint was opaque, but what struck me were the 2 shades of dark blue-green. Intense and peaceful. Maybe that's what I'll call it, then. My first idea for a title was "Laurel & Hardy", then "Blue Lagoon" or "Blue Tower", none of which I was happy with. Let me also say that what we have here looks nothing like the painting I remember from Brussels. I don't have a photographic memory, unfortunately, so I use my imagination instead.

I drew a few lines with a stub of black oil  pastel over Galeria canvas-textured paper. The paper is a bit thin for the thick layer of paint I applied, but it will have to do. The acrylic was mixed with a good dollop of Liquitex  Glazing Medium (gloss) and Liquitex Slo-Dri Blending Medium (gloss). The combination gives the paint a luminous quality. I'm not sure why I used 2 mediums - One of them, the glazing medium, makes the paint dry faster, while the other, the blending medium, makes it dry slower, so I probably should have just used the one. But it kind of worked. The 2 blocks of colour are quite glossy though, so I'm not sure how it will look on a wall - it would need to be well lit, or it could appear very dark, but how to avoid reflections? That's the question. Which is why I tend to use matte medium more, but I wanted a very transparent effect on this occasion and I think gloss conveys that better.

Make sure to look at the Liquitex Inspire section - some good, some that make me feel good about my own paintings! There's hope for all of us!

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