Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I caught a glimpse of E.1027 at Roquebrune/Cap Martin - both from the bus on the way over towards Menton, and from the train on the way back towards Nice. It was painted white, looking much better than the pictures of it I had seen on Patricia O'Reilly's website, which were taken a few years ago, when the work to restore the house was still at an early stage.

It was the colourful Le Corbusier hostel just beside it that caught my eye first. And then on the train, we were at the same level as the house and I saw the path leading to it, and I was sure then this was Eileen Gray's house.

It was only a glimpse, but I was strangely thrilled by it. It was one of the highlights of my holiday.

Apparently, most of the outside renovation is now done, but there is still considerable work to be completed inside before the house can be open to the public. I'll have to go back to the French Riviera when that happens!

(Photo taken from the Friends of E.1027 website)

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