Monday, April 04, 2011

Daffodils - Take 2

OK, I was going to paint something else, but my mind kept coming back to that daffodil and its too-dark petal that threw everything out of kilter. So I've started again. It's going well so far. My dark background is almost identical to the original, my out-of-focus flowers look good (though they are a bit too much in a straight line), and I've started the green stalks and I hope that one or two orange glazes will get them to the right colour. And then, I'll have to tackle the main event, eventually! Right now, the flower is covered in low-tack film (just a transparent paper, a bit like the adhesive paper I used to cover my school books with, except it's low tack, so I can lift it when ready without damaging the paper), so I can paint freely around it without having to slow down. That's why it's shiny. In case you were wondering.

Greenery Step 1 - vanadium yellow and ultramarine blue

Greenery Step 2 - more vanadium yellow and ultramarine blue  - amazing what difference one extra glaze can make (though the photo is a bit dark - it's not quite as dramatic in reality)

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