Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shaftsbury Metropolis, London

We were in London for the last few days - encouraged by good value Aer Lingus flights and a favourable exchange rate. We stayed in the same hotel as last year, the Shaftsbury Metropolis on Sussex Gardens - Brendan had signed up for their loyalty card and we got upgraded to a club room - a lot more space, and a bathroom with a bath (instead of the tiny bathroom where you couldn't swing a cat). And this time, we got breakfast included - we were expecting a greasy English breakfast, but we were very pleasantly surprised - a nice buffet, with fresh fruit salad, cheese, hams, and hot foods too. I really enjoyed my daily helpings of orange+pomegranate juice, fruit salad + banana + plain yogurt, toast + cheese +honey + egg sunny side up, and green tea. The only item I found disappointing in the breakfast range was the pain au chocolat. So I didn't have it again, which is probably just as well, as we were not starving.

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