Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jean Byrne

I'm going to give Jean Byrne, one of our weather girls, a category all of her own. Last night, Brendan called me down just to see what she was wearing - we spent the whole 3 minutes discussing her outfit and forgot to listen to the weather - it was a figure-hugging black PC dress, with a furry scarf and a pendant hanging at tummy level.

What other country can boast such a wild look for their weather girls, hey?

She's got the figure - slim waist, nice breasts - she is big-boned, but she is fit.A bit like Xena Warrior Princess, don't you think?

But some of the clothes she wears are so mad I'm going to have to start recording them here! She is one confident lady!

I suspect that the furry scarf was a last-minute panic by the RTE producers to hide her cleavage. Like some days she wears this vile bright yellow bolero - I'm convinced it's because her bosses don't want her to go on the telly with bare arms. She would look much better without those accessories.

So, here is the picture from last night's news, taken from the RTE player:

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  1. Along with the now infmaous silver number, this has to be one of the finest. Its not merely the shiny leather (which actually is a popular recurring number from Miss Byrne's broadcast wardrobe), but the combination of the mink scarf and navel length medallion that makes it. The scarf actually does make this look like the producers were trying to hide a bit of cleavage when actually if you look at a few of these, the dress recurrs regularly, and its quite modest.

    The mink scarf, however, is a curious anachronism. Aside from the oddity of wearing leather to present the weather, you a) don't really see these mink things very often, b) they are - for some - symbolic of deep political incorrectness (and indicative of somebody who is intelligent enough to rise above the simplistic claims of much of the antifur movement) and finally c) deeply old fashioned. As I pointed out somewhere, we have a lovely similar scarf at home which belonged to my Grandmother who passed away in 1979!

    But hey, we would have nothing to talk about or discuss were it not for the intriguing levels of potential meaning in Jean's rather fun wardrobe. Long may it continue. Perhaps instead of petitioning for the Eurovision (for which I accept blame) maybe we should be campaigning for a bigger clothing allowance for Met Eireann broadcasters?