Sunday, September 16, 2007

New pig at Airfield

Airfield got a new piglet. She's a black pig and she is really cute. I don't know what she's called. Airfield used to be pretty good at making a fuss about new animals, but they don't seem to bother any more.
And there are signs everywhere that you should not feed the animals. The 2 goats are pretty upset about that - they used to enjoy their treats of apples and carrots. The 2 big pigs at the bottom probably still get the odd treat - they are so big that an extra apple or two can't do them any harm, surely! Don't tell anyone!

Anyway, back to the new piglet. She is in the little barn near the entrance, and she'll come to you if it's around her feeding time. She nearly bit my fingers the last time. Otherwise, she'll happily go around her little area, ignore you, and eat whatever is on the ground or in her bowl. And she buries herself in the hay before she goes to sleep. All you'll see is her big nuzzle sticking out. Major cute factor!

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