Friday, September 21, 2007

Indian Summer (again!)

Mary had reminded us about the Indian Summer Food Festival, so we had booked a table for Wednesday. The Indian Summer are running this Food Festival every Wednesday night until the 17th of October. Along with the delights of a sampling menu for the various culinary regions of the Indian subcontinent, you can enjoy live Indian folk dance and music.

On Wednesday, it was the North Zone, and we enjoyed every bit of it (well, except the dessert - a milk-based pudding that tasted like sweet cottage cheese). I particularly enjoyed the fish starter, the prawn & squid main course - quite spicy - and the vegetable dish - potatoes and nice crunchy green beans. All of that with plenty of good rice, and an assortment of naan breads. Excellent value and delicious food.

The music was too loud. It was good - a guitar player and a male singer - very nice, but way way too loud. We had to move table to get away from it, and it was still too loud! And then the dancing... 4 men dressed up in what I assume is traditional costume. They were the Indian Riverdance, moving in perfect synch, and at quite a fast pace, to what I would describe as "Indian techno beat". Again, too loud, but the dancing was impressive.

We might go again in a couple of weeks' time, to sample the food of the South Zone on the 10th of October, or the Central Zone on the 17th of October, maybe! I just hope they turn down the volume a bit!

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