Friday, September 28, 2007

2 days in Paris

After a lovely oriental noodle dish prepared by Maura (recipe from Nigella Lawson's book "How to Eat"), and a quick Hello to Bella and Biddie, Lisa and myself went off to the pictures last night.

Out of the 2 movies picked out by Lisa, we agreed on "2 days in Paris". I had only read just one review, and it sounded nice. But it turned out to be hillarious. French woman is going out with American man. They live in New York, and are staying in her flat in Paris for 2 days at the end of a holiday, and he gets to meet her parents, her serious sister, her former lovers, and plenty of mad Parisian taxi drivers! No wonder he's freaked out!! It's half in English, half in French, so if you speak both languages, it's even funnier. I must get Brendan to watch it when it comes out in DVD - I'm sure he'll identify with poor Jack, who is left to mingle with Marion's friends (& ex-lovers) at a party, although he doesn't speak any French. I laughed out loud throughout.

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