Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Birthdays this month

Busy month, August!
  • 2 August: Marraine Flore - She would be 98 if she was alive.
  • 6 August: David
  • 13 August: Máire
  • 15 August: Véronique
  • 28 August: Amy

(and don't forget my name days: 15 August: Sainte Marie, 18 August: Sainte Hélène!)

I've darkened the green above the poppy and I've put in a bit of Schmincke Ruby Red in the centre of the poppy, to give it a bit more oomph. I think I will listen to Brendan's advice and stop tinkering with this painting. All I need to do now is cut it from the board, and sign it! I think I'll do another one straight away with the Ruby Red, just to satisfy my curiosity! (Click on the picture to see it in larger size)

And here is a sample of this famous Ruby Red I've been talking about, just in case you were wondering what it actually looks like!

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