Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Wildlife of South Dublin - Continued

In the last few days, we have noticed two magpies bullying Willow! Brendan had seen a pair of magpies picking at a squirrel a few days ago at the front of a neighbour's house. Yesterday, we heard the distinctive kak-kak-kak racket made by magpies, and we saw them on the ground, less than a meter from Willow, who was just lying in the backgarden, sunning himself.

Now, Willow is a big cat, and he normally likes to catch birds - but these 2 didn't seem to care. One of them always seemed to stay in front of him, distracting him with its kak-kak-kak, while the other would work its way behind him and get closer and closer, and pick at Willow's tail!

I don't know if it's because of the noise they made, or because he knew there was no point in trying to catch them, or maybe he just couldn't be bothered, but Willow didn't do much. His tail was swishing all right, a sure sign he is not happy. But he seemed not to mind them too much. At one point, he went in attack mode, crouching on the ground, but even then, he didn't really try to catch them.

My guess is that these 2 magpies have a nest not far from here and are doing all they can to keep Willow away from it. But I've never seen such a pair of bold magpies before! You have to admire their courage, really!

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