Sunday, June 24, 2007

The artist at work - Quéribus

I didn't do that much drawing or painting in the first week we were in France, but I did 3 little watercolours in the 2nd week (25 cm x 20 cm, the size of the block paper I generally bring with me when I'm away. It's very handy in that there is no need to stretch the paper before working). When I go away, I only bring my watercolour pencils (it's a set of 12 Derwent AquaTone pencils) with me. They are easy to bring along, with no risk of a mess in the luggage, and the colours I have are nice and vibrant, though the set lacks a good red, which I had to buy separately.

One of the places we went to see was the Château de Quéribus, one of the Cathar castles in the region. It was about an hour's drive from Montséret, if even that. Like most Cathar castles, it's on top of a mountain, and I was pretty nervous for the last 10 minutes of the drive there, where the road is quite steep. (Let me make this clear - I didn't do any of the driving, but Brendan has to put up with this nervous passenger beside him, who closes her eyes when the road becomes steep, and puts her hands under her thighs, just to control her anxiety, and to avoid grabbing the steering wheel at the wrong moment, if there is ever a good moment!).

It was a wonderful place, well worth the visit.

So, here is the watercolour I did of it (copying from a photograph at the back of our map), with the various stages of progress, and a rare picture of the artist at work!

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