Sunday, June 03, 2007

Indian Summer

Did I tell you that last Wednesday, on the 29th, we had Mick over (he calls himself Mike, but Brendan always refers to him as Mick or even Mick Mac, so I'll call him Mick). He was visiting from South Africa, and we had a lovely meal in Indian Summer with Padraig and Mary. As it was Padraig's birthday, and we didn't know it, as per his wishes, it worked out beautifully.

As always the food was delicious. I recommend the starter platter, and all of the fish dishes I've tried there have been just perfect! I had the Red Snapper Meen Moilee this time, lovely big chunks of white fish in a sauce with turmeric, coconut and plenty other spices (but not too hot - just right for me).

When we got home, Mick got to meet Willow. Mick liked Willow, and Willow liked Mick. The Perfect end to a Perfect day!

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