Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Lambs

The first of the new lambs have arrived at Airfield. We went for a walk there on Saturday, and we just saw a glimpse of the first 3 or 4 lambs. They were still in the main barn, well away from the crowds. I'm looking forward to seeing a few more tomorrow evening, when I go for my yoga class.

We also saw one of the new calves - it was with 2 of the jersey cows, so I assume it's a jersey, although it was mostly white. One of the jerseys clearly had plenty of milk, but the calf was staying closer to the cow that looked like she had no milk whatsoever. We must ask Jeanne the farmer about it next time we see her.

It's been a cold few days - hardly feels like spring, after the warm weekend we had a week ago. I think the highest temperature we saw today was 5 degrees celcius, and there was some sleet and hail yesterday. Today is a bit brighter than yesterday, but the wind is really cold! Poor little lambs will be sticking close to their mammies to stay warm!

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