Sunday, October 15, 2006

Minado's is dead. Long live Todai

One of our favourite restaurants in New York was Minado's, a sushi and seafood all-you-can-eat buffet on 32nd street. It used to serve a wide range of fresh sushi and sashimi, along with cooked seafood, crab claws and prawns. The fact that it was only 2 doors down from our hotel was an extra bonus!

So it was with shock that we realised on our first day that it was no longer there, and was replaced by a restaurant called Todai! However, when we went in, we realised that little had changed inside. Actually, the only difference we could spot, apart from the name, was the fact that they now have an attendant to serve ice-cream, rather than letting customers help themselves. Apart from that, it's exactly the same - a long buffet with dozens of sushi and sashimi options, delicious crab claws, a wide choice of hot dishes, plenty of desserts presented in single-mouthful portions (so you can try a bit of everything, and go back for more). Heaven!

As you can see from the plate on the right, Brendan is an enthusiastic convert to sushi! My favourite is the big crab claws. I'm a very tactile eater (in other words, I like to play with my food).

We enjoyed it so much, we went 3 times (in the 6 nights we were there).

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