Friday, April 21, 2006

Miss Incredible

This morning, I was at the gym, happily cycling away at a leisurely pace, with Abba music in my ears, when a man tapped on my shoulder and asked me "Do you know the Incredibles?"
"The cartoon?" I said
"Yes", he said. "When you were standing at the window facing the sun, you looked just like Miss Incredible - great body. Keep up the good work"
Those were not his exact words, but close enough. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I thanked him and told him it made my day! Then, as soon as he had left, I went and told Brendan all about it! And now, I'm telling you all.
Brendan often tells me I have a great body. (Actually, he often tells me when I get out of the pool in the morning!)
But it's not every day a total stranger tells me this! Even when I was younger, I wasn't the type that men approached at the disco (something to do with my mad hippy-dippy style of dancing, maybe?).
Big smile on my face!

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