Saturday, December 12, 2015

What I could be wearing today!

I've discovered a new passion: Trying on designer items in TK MAXX - All gorgeous but I didn't buy anything in the end! But I'll keep looking and some day I'm sure there'll be a real real bargain for me!

It's only recently I've been converted to TK MAXX. And it's only a few weeks ago I've found out that they have a small section of designer goodies, only in some of their shops (unfortunately not in Dundrum Town Centre, I'm told). Actually it was an article in the Sunday Times Style magazine by Pandora Sykes that alerted me to this most glittering development!

So I was in town yesterday afternoon and I decided to have a look for myself. I tried a few things that didn't work at all (Roberto Cavalli top - shoulders too wide, Hugo Boss black jacket - sleeves too long).

But a couple of items were really tempting!!

Black dress with silver beading by Matthew Williamson (over €500, closer to €600 actually), absolutely fabulous but I have no reason to buy such a fancy dress, that I would probably only wear once - at that price at least. I know I know, the original price tag was probably well over the thousand euro mark! And it is beautifully made - all the beading gives it a wonderful weight, the sleeves are perfect for arms that are in need of weight training - and it was in perfect condition. 

I was really excited about it, but not at that price, even if it was a bargain!

Many of my female friends thought I should have bought it! Ah well, it's probably gone to a good home now and will make someone really happy, or very broke.

Peach and grey tunic by Missoni (€200). It was very flattering, but the colour wasn't a hundred percent right for me. They had it in purple and grey, and also in green and grey, and grey and grey. But none of those made my heart sing. Missoni is all about fabulous colour combinations, and this wasn't quite fabulous enough for me!

And let's face it, my look these days is more like this than sophisticated living!

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