Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art Journals - turning a new leaf

This one is a camouflaged failure, or maybe just a failure, pure and simple!

I tried to use an old dried maple leaf as a stamp, but it got all messed up, so I covered it up with phthalo turquoise acrylic, applied with a cute little sponge brayer which has been hiding in a drawer for years  - the sponge is cut out in alternating up and down lines, which gives this lovely line effect.

But who am I fooling, really? If it wasn't in my little book, I would be using the back of that paper for something else. Colours are quite vibrant, though, and the process was fun. And the one on the right isn't too bad?

I'm hoping to get a set of Gelli-Arts printing plates for my birthday later on this year, and I'll then be able to explore printing techniques! Can't wait!

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