Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pouring Medium

I found a big bottle of Liquitex Pouring Medium under the Christmas tree, with the promise of hours of fun and experimentation!

So, as soon as our visitors had gone home, I started mixing and tilting paints. The best acrylics to use is Liquitex Soft Body - they mix beautifully with the pouring medium, with very little stirring, which means that you can start working within 10 minutes, as there are no bubbles caught in the paint. I didn't have white soft body paint, mind you, and I used standard acrylic, which worked out just as good.

But it's messy business - wear old clothes, put plenty of old newspaper on the desk, and don't forget your gloves (I used hair colour plastic gloves, but I'm going to buy surgical gloves, less likely to get out of control and stick to the paint). Have all your colours ready before you start and don't be afraid to waste a little bit of paint - you need to pour enough so it will drip over the sides; otherwise, you will have gaps - and it's acrylics, so it dries quickly, so it's hard to fix these after the event. I poured a few coloured circles side by side, then I used a little wooden skewer to drag the colours across each other. Then, it's a matter of tilting in all directions until you like what you see. When it was all done, I set my board over two little jars, so it wouldn't stick to the newspaper. Then I covered the whole setup with a big Ikea cardboard box - the best advice I got (from a YouTube video I watched yesterday - but I can't find it now, so I can't give credit to the person who came up with the idea, sorry) - the surface will remain tacky for at least 24 hours, so any dust, or cat hair floating around, will stick to it and ruin your beautiful shiny painting!

This is only my second time playing with pouring medium. And it's looking much better than my first attempt. I'm thinking beautifully-coloured greeting cards next! And I haven't even looked at the jar of string gel that Santa included in his big bag of goodies!

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