Monday, October 08, 2012

Great Barrier Reef - Global Warming

This painting was going to be a simple view of the Great Barrier Reef from the sky, based on a photo I found through Pinterest, but it didn't quite work out as expected. I had planned to do several layers of acrylics, and then to sand it down in parts to reveal the colours below the surface, à la Hanneke van Ryswyk. But when it came to the sanding part, I realised that I couldn't sand paint on canvas. When you push the sanding paper, the whole canvas gives, and all you get are a few scratches on the surface. Silly me. I should have used board.

But never mind. Another few transparent layers, applied with a painting knife (which I got in Lidl a good few months ago, by the way), and we've got a darker painting, a representation of the effect of Global Warming on the world's reefs. The photograph here doesn't do it justice. It actually turned out quite nice. It's very hard to take a good picture of glossy acrylics, isn't it? I've got a watercolour I'm working on now. But maybe when that's finished, I'll come back to this theme, with a nice little piece of board instead.

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