Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coeliac-friendly Fudgy Chocolate brownie cake

I got a recipe for chocolate brownie cake from Lorna at least two years ago. Why I didn't try it earlier, I don't know? Of course I knew it was gorgeous. Lorna had served it to us on two occasions and it was the best dessert ever ever. Maybe, I also guessed it was addictive. But the reality is 10 times more intense than the memory! It is gooey and chocolatey and rich and satisfying.  I am going to have a sliver every day until the whole cake tin is empty. I will think about it mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and after dinner too. Maybe I will dream of it too. I hope the calorie count won't give me nightmares - 300g of dark chocolate, 250g of butter, 200g of caster sugar, 150g of ground almonds, 4 eggs, ...We just did the count this morning. It's around the 5000-calorie mark. OK, we'll share it equally between the two of us, but even if it takes us all week to finish it, that will be a full day's calorie intake over what we normally eat. So, I decided to skip my square of dark chocolate this lunchtime. Not that it will make much difference. And how long will I be able to hold?

But the good news is that this cake is 100% coeliac-friendly. No flour, and you can use gluten-free baking powder. Isn't that fantastic!

I can't wait till my next slice!

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