Monday, November 12, 2007

Sick Mac Mini

We were busy at the weekend, with a girlie night out for me on Friday with neighbours from the estate, and a boys' night out for Brendan on Saturday with Niall and Mick. I went to the Sichuan in Stillorgan and Brendan went to the Monsoon, also in Stillorgan. Both restaurants very handy for us.

And yes, the China Sichuan is still at its old location - there is no talk of the move to Sandyford any more, and I didn't want to ask. (Based on the map they had on their 2007 calendar, I think the new location is still under construction). I had a great night out, conversation flowed easily and the food was as good as ever. Brendan and Pat gave us lifts home, so we could drink as much as we wanted, but, between the six of us, we barely managed to finish one bottle of red wine - I didn't touch any, neither did Lucinda.

I wore my new top from the Avoca shop, which I had purchased in Powerscourt a few weeks ago. Very happy with it - I got lots of compliments from the girls! I must get Brendan to take a picture next time I'm wearing it so I can show it off here. It's a long lace tunic, with an underdress and cardigan to match. The tunic is a smoky grey tone and the other 2 items are raspberry red. And I got a nice aubergine necklace from Costelloe+Costelloe to match. Big chunky rounded beads to cover the cleavage!

Brendan had a good night too - they drank more wine than we did - that's for sure!

On another note, and the title of this post, my Mac Mini is not well. It crashed on Saturday night. I had to hard-reboot it after iTunes froze completely. I couldn't even use the Activity Monitor to force quit the applications. It's been extremely slow since. So, I'm in the process of backing everything up so I can do a re-install of the Operating System. Initially, it looked like I had extremely little available memory, but emptying the trash seemed to resolve that. But even after that, it's still going extremely slow, so I think it's time for a fresh start, wipe everything and reinstall. I've got most of my data backed up already (I'm very organised that way!!), but I need to back up the most recent stuff onto an external hard drive. If you have a lot of data on your computer and you want to have a backup, I recommend you go and buy an external hard drive (I like the Seagate drives, but there are lots of different brands out there) and copy your data over once a month!

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