Monday, October 29, 2007

Chair O Plane

We went into town today, cheered for the last few runners and walkers of the Dublin Marathon, arriving at the finish line on Merrion Square, and then went into the National Gallery. Our initial interest was an exhibition of Polish symbolist and modern art painters - there were a few interesting pieces, but what really caught my eye today was an exhibition of Jack Butler Yeats paintings, called Masquerade and Spectacle: The Circus and the Travelling Fair in the work of Jack B. Yeats.

I love Jack B. Yeats' bold bright vibrant paintings, and this exhibition, gathered from a number of private collections I think, was a delight. Pictures of clowns and crowds and "horses" on roller skates, and my favourite "Chair O Planes". Well, I didn't know what a chair-o-plane was before today, but Jack B. Yeats perfectly captured the movement, elation and feeling of dizziness. Unfortunately, I can't find any of the paintings from this exhibition on the web, and there is very little of Jack B. Yeats' other paintings on the web either. I found a reproduction of Men of Destiny, but it's very small and doesn't show the beautiful detail of it. I'm not sure if I've ever seen the original painting but if I didn't, then the reproduction I saw before must have been pretty good, as I've got a good picture of it in my mind. Now that I think of it, I must go back into town and buy the exhibition catalogue (the exhibition closes on Nov 11), as these paintings are just too gorgeous to forget.

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