Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Next project

In the last few days, I did a couple of watercolours following the free lessons on Frank Clarke's Simply Painting website. Amazing how easy it is to get a good result! The colours are not as rich as what you get from glazing pure colours, but it still looks quite good.

However, I find it more satisfying to paint something that I've actually experienced in reality, rather than an imagined landscape with blue mountains and a lake.

So, now, I'm on to my next project. This is a picture we took by the river in Ballynahinch castle. I'm going to use masking paper again, and wet-into-wet for the background, and the same vibrant green I used in the last project (with Vanadium yellow and Phthalo blue) for the leaves in the foreground. I need to do a few drawings of it first, to figure out the darks and lights.

Wish me luck!

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