Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Pendulum

Four weeks without drawing - I don't know how I haven't gone insane. Well, maybe I have? And it's definitely hit my confidence - to think that four weeks ago, I was drawing mugs that looked like mugs. I'm almost afraid to try, now.

So, from that perspective, a broken foot is much better than a broken arm.

I would never have imagined that having a shoulder immobilised for a few weeks would have such dire consequences on basic mobility. And it's not like the exercises hurt hurt, but it's not pleasant, having to push to the point where it starts to hurt. Each time I feel like I'm making a little bit of progress, I have to push myself beyond that point, and then it hurts. I don't like pain. And I can't drive, I can't do yoga, I can't go to the gym. It will be a while before I have the strength in my arms and shoulders for chaturanga. And I will have to put my dream of playing the cello on hold for a few months.

OK - rant over. I'll just have to keep on pushing, with the physio, so I can get my mobility and strength back!

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