Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Forsythia - Documented Life Project - Weeks 13 and 14

Week 13 - create a custom element - make your unique mark
Week 14 - colour safari - use watercolours

Spring has finally sprung, and I was inspired by the forsythia blooming on the side of the road not far from us.

I'm not brave enough to take my sketchbook to the streets so I found a good photo on the web and drew from it. I was happy with my sketch, but then I started colouring a background in pencil and that was a disaster. I covered the pencil with dark marker. And the result wasn't much better. So I traced the drawing and transferred it to watercolour paper and made a nice little watercolour out of it.

I also painted a little watercolour abstract inspired by the same theme

I chose a page in my DLP sketchbook. And I affixed the two watercolours to the facing pages. One of these pages has a list of movies I'd like to see some time. On the other page, I stencilled the word Spring from a stencil book I got in Moss Cottage during the week. And I sprinkled a few yellow and gold cherry blossoms from my ArtistCellar stencil collection

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