Monday, August 19, 2013

Painting and Drawing

I managed to spend half an hour playing with my Gelli Plate yesterday, in between visits to the dog park! Timber is doing very well - he's a very sociable dog, he will play with all dogs in the park, big and small, old and young - so it's always fun to bring him to the local dog park. Now that the school holidays are nearly over, it is busier, so he's had plenty of opportunity to play and socialise. In the summer, there were days when we were the only ones there, and it was a little bit sad to see him all by himself in there. Well, we were there too, but we're too boring for a six-months-old puppy!

So, I had a very productive half hour. I decided to cut heart-shaped stencils out of scrap paper, and I'm very happy with the results - Gelli printing makes me happy! Isn't that wonderful!! Whenever the folks at Gelli Arts are having a tough day, they should remind themselves that they make people happy. What more can you ask for in terms of job satisfaction?

I used a flower stencil from my Dealz pack (€1.49!!) over my background (cadmium red + cadmium yellow), then placed the hearts over phthalo blue acrylics on my Gelli plate. Phthalo is quite transparent, so the flowers show through nicely. The paper is Gelli Card Pack from ClarityStamp, super white and super smooth.

A white gel pen to write around the hearts and we're all done! I must get myself a better white gel pen - this one is from Lidl I think, and it's not quite as bright as I'd like.

There are endless possibilities on this theme- all the things and people that I love

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