Sunday, April 27, 2008

Watching a lot of Telly

We're watching a lot of telly these days. As you know, I don't particularly like reality TV programs (except Big Brother of course!), nor semi-informational programs (like "A Place in the Sun", though I do watch it more often than I'd like to admit). But there are a lot of good series on at the moment.

Reaper: in the same vein as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (now, that was a classic!), though the characters are not quite as good yet. But they'll hopefully develop over the seasons. Sam's soul was sold to the Devil by his parents before he was born, and the Devil has given Sam the job of catching escaped souls and sending them back to Hell. All of this in suburban America, where nobody seems to bat an eylid at demons walking the streets! Completely geeky - that's probably why I like it.

Desperate Housewives: I didn't particulary like Season 2, but this (Season 4?) is very entertaining, very bitchy.

Band of Brothers: OK - this one, I started watching because Brendan wanted to watch it, but it's actually very good. Co-produced by Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks - same kind of vibe as Saving Private Ryan.

Dirty Sexy Money: Nick is lawyer for an ultra-rich family in New York. How all these lives are entertwined. Very good, with Donal Sutherland, as the patriarch, and Peter Krause, of Six Feet Under fame, as Nick.

Brothers and Sisters: another big family saga, and definitely strictly for girls. With plenty of well-known actors, like Calista Flockhart (from Ally McBeal), Rachel Griffiths (from Six Feet Under, one of my favourites series of all times), Rob Lowe (from the West Wing, though I have to say I never watched that series), Sally Field (who seems to be in so many movies), and Patricia Wettig (from Thirtysomething, now that's a blast from the past! I still have some of the videos I taped back in the eighties or early nineties). It's quite formulaic, and these people seem to be constantly drinking, but it's my Saturday afternoon treat. I watch in on 4OD (Channel 4 On Demand).

And Lost is starting again tomorrow. Can't wait for the next twist!

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