Monday, October 09, 2017

Inspired by the Watercolour Society Exhibition

I went to the Watercolour Society Exhibition in Dun Laoghaire last week. Such an inspiration! I can be fussy about what I like in watercolour. I didn't like everything. But two artists really struck a chord with me: Barbara Ellison and John Short. Such confident use of colour and line!

I was so inspired that I actually contacted Barbara Ellison and asked her if she gave classes or workshops. I was prepared to travel to Lisburn! But no, she doesn't. And since photography wasn't allowed at the exhibition, I have to rely on my memory to bring back what I loved about her paintings - the sparse use of line, combined with rich colours. Her work is actually mixed media, so it contains watercolour, collage elements, and fabulous ink lines

What I've tried to do below is not a patch on her work (if you check this video from the WCSI, you will see a glimpse of her painting, and mine is really really not a patch on it, but being able to see it again will help me develop!). But I was really inspired. The two paintings below are based on a photo I took on Ini Oírr last February, with amazing light hitting the island just around dusk.

In this one, it looks like a mountain was dropped on the island. But I'm happy with how the bottom part worked out. And in case you're wondering about the bright red rectangle, it's the idea of a boat.

This one is still work in progress. I like my sky better, but the front of the image needs to be darker I think. Will keep you posted!

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